Saturday night, four cop cars. It is, to coin a phrase from a good neighbor, like watching Cops, except you don’t have to turn on the TV.

Ed was outside sawing off the trunk of our Christmas tree when a woman in a U of M sweatshirt walked up the driveway. She said, “Do you have my truck keys?”

He said no, he had no idea what she was talking about. So she dialed someone on her cell phone and figured out it was the house next door she was looking for.

She tried the front door. No one answered. So she went around back, where Ed saw her again and asked what was up.

Apparently, her truck was stolen. Someone text messaged her and told her it was parked in front of my house and she could get the keys next door.

Ed asked, and she said she wasn’t going to call the police. But I guess she changed her mind, because four cars showed up a few minutes later, along with the woman.

After a period of cops going in and out of the house and rooting around in the woman’s truck, they all left. Just after the last cop car had pulled away from the curb, two men in huge, black hooded winter coats came walking across the street (from the side opposite the neighbors’ house) and got into a car parked in front of ghettosville. They drove away. Suspicious, I tucked the car’s description into my spotty short-term memory.

A few minutes later, headlights floated up the street. The same car parked across the street, and the same two guys got out.

And guess where they went? Yep, into the house of ill-repute.

So I called the cops. As I was talking to an officer, he drove by and took the license plate of the car. He said he’d forward it to the detective working on a case related to the house. I told him I have three little kids and I don’t want gang members hiding in my back yard or those of my neighbors. I told him I’m tired of it and I want them gone.

He said I shouldn’t hesitate to call anytime I see something suspicious.

I don’t think he realizes he gave me permission to burn up their phone lines.

I think the local PD and I are gonna get to know each other quite well.