Tis the season to spend money.

Our kids have way too much stuff already, but we’re plotting which toys to add to the clutter. Our relatives have everything they need — so much so that coming up with gifts for some of them is next to impossible — but we’re spending our savings to buy them more! Stuff!

As usual, I have done very little shopping, and it’s the week before the dreaded holiday.

And as usual, I’m asking myself why we can’t all just bake some cookies, sing some carols and call it a day. A nice day we spend with people we love. Instead, I’m stressing over how I’m going to finish buying all the things no one needs and that will be forgotten weeks after a day that involves the kids ripping open too many gifts.

This year, we’re trying to be sure they don’t get too many gifts, but between us picking up a few things we know they really want and the relatives spoiling the hell out of them, it feels like a losing battle.

That said, I love the tree, the cookies and my family. So I’m going to do my best to do away with my misgivings — some spicy red wine and a pile of sweets oughta help with that.