I said once that I never buy my kids noisy gifts.

Well, Santa defied me and brought Pinkie Pie for Clare.

She sings. She dances. She NEVER SHUTS UP. A moment after she finishes her excruciatingly long dance number, she starts asking questions.

“Do you like lemonade?” She waits for an answer.

“I LOVE lemonade. PINK lemonade!”

“What’s your favorite color?” Pause.

“I like pink!”

The worst thing about her is that number 3 is also obsessed. He can’t get enough of her pink rubber motor mouth and massive, blinking eyes. She’s singing, dancing and cajoling my kids into answering the same inane questions all. day. long.

At this rate, it’s going to be just a matter of days before that little pony is taken hostage or finds herself under the tire of a minivan.