I made a secret (oops, not so secret anymore) resolution to organize our house this year. In my mind, I’d stay home from the gym once a week and get a little done each time. By the end of the year, our house would look less like a shaken snow globe where the snowflakes are toys and paper and books.

And here’s what I did today, the first day I was actually able to make good on my resolution:

* Made breakfast for two children — eggs and bananas.
* Made more eggs after repeated chanting “MORE EGGS!”
* Went upstairs to check my e-mail, only to turn around and find one of yesterday’s organization projects, a clear bin full of little metal cars, turned out onto the floor.
* Picked up said cars.
* Helped open another bin, filled with ball-and-joint blocks, only to pick every single one of them off the floor minutes later. (But Clare helped!)
* Picked up the cars again.
* Started putting away the waist-high stacks of books that Ed retrieved from under the kids’ beds, only to hear the familiar “crash” of all the cars being dumped out again.
*Picked up the cars.
* Smelled something suspicious, changed a crap diaper.
* Decided to give up on the upstairs for now, headed for living room and loaded handy basket containers I bought at Target yesterday with toys to bring upstairs (and put in their proper place!).
* Heard a new, and quieter “crash.”
* Picked up 48 crayons.
* Started computer game for whining preschooler who changes her mind every four minutes about which activity she wants me to assist her with.
* Walked back downstairs. Picked up 48 crayons.
* Decided to give up on downstairs, went back up to collect some of huge laundry pile.
* Get arms full of laundry (basket is full of toys), hear “crash.”
* Pick up cars again.
* Kids are whining for food. Drop laundry.
* Make lunch — sandwiches and pears.
* Cut up three more pears while I’m trying to eat my sandwich, due to repeated chanting of “MORE PEARS!”
* Clean up after lunch, change another crap diaper and head upstairs to blog. I give up.