Well, it’s Friday of the shortest (and longest) week I can remember. I’ve been busy tying up lots of loose ends and haven’t really gotten around to packing.

We leave Sunday. For Ireland. The kids are coming. That’s a lot of packing.

I’ve been so preoccupied this week that I’ve:

  • Put my underwear on inside out. Twice.
  • Forgotten to get the treats for a work meeting.
  • Spaced ordering my mom’s Mother’s Day gift until it was too late to get there on time. (Sorry, mom!)
  • Ordered and paid for coffee then left the shop without taking it with me.
  • Done numerous other stupid things I can’t remember. I’m preoccupied.

However, it was all for a good reason. I’m proud to be a part of launching this Web site, which is actually functioning now. (Its official kick-off date is Sunday, Mother’s Day.)

If you click on the link to the Daily Juggle, you’ll find me and 13 other moms blogging about the craziness that is parenting. My screen name is 3isthenew2. There are lots of great writers participating, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

I’ll be blogging there from Ireland. I am not sure if I’ll get around to updating this site while I’m gone. If not, I’ll be back after Memorial Day.