Sorry, everyone. I’ve been busy. I haven’t even looked at this site in a week. I haven’t added the amazing book I just read, and I haven’t talked about how great it is that it’s summer and I get to see Myles every day.

I’ve been blogging over here a little bit, but not even doing that as much as I’d like. But this site is prettier. And it’s mine. And I miss having time to describe poop debacles and wax poetic about reality TV. (Speaking of which, Stephanie won Top Chef! And fan favorite! Which just goes to show that you can be a nice person and still kick ass in the kitchen.) Oh, and I miss the written swear word. I can’t do that on the paper’s site.

I’ll try to do better. But things look like they’re going to get crazier around here, so I’m not promising anything.

Maybe I’ll log on just to type in some cuss words. I know you guys won’t mind.