Well, I got myself all ramped up for it, and now that it’s done, I guess it feels sort of anti-climatic.

I was so worried about Simon’s diagnosis, but why? It doesn’t change who he is.

Nevertheless, yesterday was a long and exhausting day for all of us. After two hours of testing and a short conference, a pair of psychologists determined he’s on the autism spectrum. But to add an extra bit of confusion (just what we need!) to our lives, he was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder — Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS.

I mean, he is what he is, but what a mouthful! And yet another thing to explain to people. Maybe I just say he’s “on the autism spectrum” and leave it at that.

Anyway, we already had been set to start private OT, so that doesn’t change. We’ll probably attend some workshops at Fraser and we’ll definitely be getting his siblings some help with understanding him, especially Myles, who has been acting out toward his brother in anger. I’m sure it’s frustrating and confusing for him, especially because his father and I have hinted that there is something different about Simon.

Notice I didn’t say “something wrong.” Because there’s nothing wrong with Simon. He’s just wired differently, and the point of this whole thing is to educate ourselves so we know what he’s going through. Often, life is tough for the little guy, and our job as parents is to help him get along in it. Hopefully, this will help us do so.