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I have to remember some aren’t. But often, parenting a child with autism can be a series of irrational arguments:

While reading a book:
“The blue dog is on the yellow tree.”
“I want the blue dog to be on the GREEN tree!”
“Sweetie, I can’t make the dog move.”
Turn page.

Getting dressed:
“Lay still so I can change your diaper.”
“I DON’T WANT YOU TO CHANGE MY DIAPER! I WANT TO GO POTTY.” “Great! Let’s go!” Take his hand — try leading him to the bathroom.
“I WANT TO WEAR A DIAPER! I want to be a BABY!!!”
“OK, lay down and I’ll put the diaper on.”
“No! I don’t want to wear a diaper!”
Bucking, screaming. Ten minutes later, finally diapered.

Petting the cat:
“I want to pet the cat.”
“OK. Be gentle. Stoke his back like this, see?”
Smacks cat. Cat runs away.
“I want to hit the cat! Bring the cat back here!”
“But the cat doesn’t like it when you hit him.”
“He DOES like it! I want to hit the cat!”