I lied, I’m posting again. Thanks, friends, for making me feel like it’s OK.

Anyway, Simon had eye surgery Wednesday, and the recovery sucked. He was in pain, and none of us slept, and just blerg. (He has amblyopia, or lazy eye. We hope surgery will be the final step in fixing it.)

But the past few days, he had been oddly calm. VERY unlike the Simon we know and love.

I noticed, but said nothing for fear of jinxing it.

Then today, when I picked him up from school, his teacher said his eyes looked great, and I went ahead and said it. And she said she noticed it, too. So I felt all validated and called Ed. Who agreed. And we had this whole conversation about how maybe many of his issues would melt away with his newfound binocular vision.

And then, I got him home. I’m working from home today, which is often a nightmare, so much so that if I don’t have a night meeting and need to work through the afternoon, I’ve been putting the little monster in day care. But I had high hopes that I could plop the new Simon in front of a movie and get some writing done.

He’s been a screaming, tantruming mess since we walked in the door. My ears are ringing from all the yelling at me. (And yes, people who think I don’t discipline him, I did point out repeatedly that I don’t do things for boys who yell. I waited until he asked nicely. Which often takes four times.)

He’s got an eye doctor appointment this afternoon, and between this morning, Ed taking him to the appointment and my night meeting, I will more than log in my eight hours.

But my Utopian vision of a calm afternoon has been blown to bits.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.