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It’s a beautiful, sunny spring day, and I get to spend it with Simon.

He’s sitting in the grass on the front lawn, picking dandelions and handing them to me.

“This is for YOU.”

His face is dirty because he couldn’t wait to be washed after eating. He just had to be in the sun.

“I want to stay outside forever and ever.”

He lays his head in my lap and pulls my arm over his 4-year-old body.

“The sun keeps me warm. And you.”

He sits up and picks at the grass.

“The grass is green. So green. Where did the snow go?”

I tell him the snow won’t be back for a few months.

“I want to bring the sun down here. I want to play with the sun.”

I tell him the sun is far away.

“Let’s get daddy’s ladder and climb up there to get it.”