So, you guys remember when we had the neighbors who were total thugs, and I saw one of them running through his back yard with a big old gun, and then they moved out and it was all happily ever after and shit?



Let me back up a minute and say that since I’ve become a reporter, I don’t read every story in our paper, and certainly not always all the way through, depending on the day.

So when a Maplewood cop was shot in the line of duty, I skimmed the story and didn’t look all that closely at the photos of the suspects, one of which was shot and killed by another officer later that day.

Today, a story about the family taking out a billboard was farmed out to me at work, so I had to read the stories. Carefully.

It turns out, the guy who lived, and who was just sentenced to 35.5 years in prison for aiding and abetting the murder of a police officer, was the very same guy who I saw running through the yard with the gun. THAT VERY SAME GUY, you guys.

Also, the one who got himself dead, he lived there, too.

In the paper’s archives, mugshots show up bigger than they do in the paper, and I totally recognized the Josh guy, the one with the gun.

Here he is.

Cute, huh?

He was also convicted of the armed robbery of the pizza delivery guy that happened right in front of my house.

And this guy? The dead one? Can’t count the number of times I saw him chatting with or getting frisked by the cops.

That is some fro he had going on.


I lived next to these guys and called the cops on them a whole lot.

Cops went to my house first and then theirs. They totally had to know I had called.

I have three kids.

Any one of us could have met the same fate as that cop.