Within the vast ocean of guilt that daily washes over me, the (working, how dare I?) mother of a special-needs child, floats some tiny electronic devices.

When he’s nervous, I hand him my phone. When the day has assaulted his senses for long enough, he finds the iPod. When it’s loud and scary at the amusement park in the mall, his dad sits on a ledge with him, and he loses himself in videos of trains and transformers.

I have always felt a tinge of guilt about how much time he spends looking at those little screens. When I was a kid, there was no such thing! I would have opened a book, I think to myself.

But I didn’t have autism. And until I read this post this morning by A Diary of a Mom, it didn’t occur to me to be thankful he has access to such an escape.

So now I’m adding my voice to the chorus of people who are mourning Steve Jobs today. What he did for society is great. What he did for our kids, amazing.