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I have a shoe problem. Basically, I love them.

I usually have my eye on several pairs and wait patiently until it seems like it’s gone long enough since I last purchased some that the geek doesn’t complain about me buying more.

Let’s be clear — this is not a spiky-heeled, strappy, high-fashion shoe love affair.

Me, I can’t get enough of the clunky comfort versions they love to rip on on here.

Comfy! Cute! Probably mom-ish. Whatever. I AM a mom. I’m becoming more comfortable with that. (I guess it’s about time …)

Anyway, it makes traveling a huge challenge. I seriously have never packed a suitcase, even for a short trip, that contained any less than three pairs of shoes (you never know when you’ll need those black clogs).

This time around, I bought one pair of shoes for our trip, and I’m not packing any more. That’s right. One pair of shoes that will already be on my feet. It is giving me hives just writing about it.

But! They’re comfortable enough to walk many miles in, and cute enough to wear with a dress. So, in theory, I shouldn’t miss any of the other members of my shoe family.

But I might just kiss a few of them goodbye before we go.


This might just be a recurring item. I realize most of these are about shopping or food. But what am I without cooking, eating and SHOES!?! Um, and wine …

1. This one stolen from the Top Chef contestants — douse all Asian food with Sriracha. (And French Fries, and eggs, and carrot sticks, and really, almost anything.) It makes even the most cardboard-like frozen meal delectable.

2. If you need shoes and are too busy to frequent your favorite shoe store, (which happens to be across the metro, which is not really that far unless you have three kids and a full-time job and work a shift opposite your husband), shop at Zappos. They ship FREE! overnight, have shoes in most sizes (good for those of us who are well-endowed, foot-wise), and will ship you the next size up or down before you even return the ones that don’t fit. All for FREE! Did I mention FREE? That, and their selection is unbelievable. (Unless you want a certain pair of Fluevogs that they don’t happen to carry. Then you’ll have to wait three weeks to have them shipped from Boston.)

3. If you have kids, throw anything and everything on their highchair tray as early as they can chew it. It took me until number three to catch on to this one. The other two are far too picky for having a mother who cooks everything from paella to pad thai. Maybe their bad habits will eventually rub off on him, but so far, he’ll eat anything you throw at him. Even spicy food. Has since he was about 7 months old.

4. Winos, take note: Sign up for their e-mail alerts, because every once in a while, they have something called Cheapskate Wednesday, during which they sell a different wine every half-hour, and if you buy four or more, shipping is free. The only caveat is you must sign for the deliveries due to underage drinking laws. It just so happens they are having one this week! So if you have the foresight to read this blog every day, you can click the link and get yerself some cheap hooch.

5. Do not whine to your manager at work about your schedule or your co-workers. Unless it’s something he or she really needs to fix. Someone who gets on your nerves does not belong in this category. The fact that you work odd hours does not fit into this category. Trust me. Your boss does not want to hear it, and it will get you nowhere. I try not to talk about work on this blog, but I can offer you this tip. Please take it. Your boss thanks me. And your career does, too.