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You know how you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wear and wear and wear and wear? Even though they are worn out and are starting to smell a little off? Even though they are scuffed and the soles are almost nonexistent?

But you keep wearing them because you LOVE them. They are comfortable. They fit. They go with everything.

At some point, though, you have to give them up and step into a new pair. The new ones are creaky and stiff and they smell like fresh, new leather. They look really nice and you think if you can just break them in, maybe you will like them as much as the old ones.

Yeah, that’s how I feel.

I’m going to miss my old job, my co-workers and even my odd schedule. Because it made me different; it made me tough. I could work full-time AND be a stay-at-home mom, damnit! How lucky was I?

I was pretty lucky, and it worked great for a long time. Just more than eight years.

But the stink of no sleep and not seeing my oldest kid has finally caught up with me, and I’m lucky enough to have found a new pair of shoes that I might even end up liking more than this old pair.

I can’t say that I’m not at all nervous. Because I am. But I’m also looking forward to breaking that stiff leather in. Let’s hope there are no blisters.


Something is wrong with your life when your husband says to you, “you know, I can’t figure out why I’m so tired. We went to bed at midnight last night.”

Midnight. That’s late for most people our age. People with professional careers and young children who wake at the crack of dawn.

For us, it’s early. Because of my nutty schedule. But that’s all going to change soon.

I’ll still be yawning all day long for another 9 weeks, but after that, I’ll be working mostly 9 to 5 like the rest of you lucky stiffs.

What will I do with myself? Not really sure. But I have a feeling that after a few weeks of adequate sleep, I might just be bolting around the house like a cat who just took a shit. Look out!